Limmatlegal provides you with targeted and effective legal advice .

As recognized experts in liability and insurance law, Limmatlegal offers services in:

  • Liability and risk assessment
  • Damage regulation
  • Liability and reinsurance claims defense
  • Social security coordination

Having a particular niche expertise in liability and insurance law as it applies to the medical profession, Limmatlegal provides doctors and hospitals with legal service, as it affects:

  • General legal advice and assistance
  • Labour Law issues and mandates
  • Medical treatment contracts
  • Informed consent
  • Professional secrecy
  • Early advice in case of medical complications
  • Medical liability

Limmatlegal offers comprehensive advice and support in labour and employment law, including:

  • Employment contracts, drafting and review
  • Compensation review
  • Collective bargaining agreements
  • Labour disputes and litigation
  • Trade union negotiation
  • Representation in joint or tripartite authorities
  • Work permits and registration proceedings
  • Deployment of workers into Switzerland
  • Free movement of persons EU / Switzerland
  • Social Security coordinations

Limmatlegal is very experienced in all stages of civil litigation, from fact finding to trial, including:

  • Risk analysis
  • Court representation
  • Briefs and Injunctions
  • Preliminary and evidence proceedings
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Alternative dispute resolutions
  • Enforcement of judgements and orders

Where criminal proceedings cannot be avoided, Limmatlegal will expertly represent and guide you through all stages of the proceedings, including:

  • Advice in case of threat of criminal proceedings
  • Support throughout preliminary investigations and hearings
  • Negotiation with prosecutor (penalty orders or abridged proceedings)
  • Representation in court proceedings

Limmatlegal will assist you in all adminstrative and regulatory proceedings related to Labour, Medical and Liabilty Law. In particular, we offer:

  • Advice regarding regulations
  • Obtaining necessary authorizations and permits
  • Negotiation with government bodies
  • Representation in administrative proceedings
  • Appeals and legal remedies
  • State liability proceedings